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Noodles are a common choice for our breakfast. It ‘s easy to make, but it ‘s still delicious. There are three things to make noodles delicious. The first is noodles, and the second is soup base or sauce.To be delicious, the third is to cook a certain skill, all three are indispensable.

Since most of us don’t make noodles by ourselves, and the craftsmanship is passable, the soup base and side dishes are linked to the taste of noodles, and then we will introduce common noodle practices.

Six delicious and simple home noodle practices Noodles are easy to eat and nutritious.

Due to the different flavors, thicknesses, and sticks of noodles, they are eaten differently throughout China.

Noodles can be used as a staple food, as well as fast food, and delicious. They are very healthy foods, so they are very popular.

Here we will introduce you to the noodle practices in six places.

Everyone can learn.

First, Yangchun noodles materials: noodles (preferably thin round noodles), sesame oil, shallots, salt, monosodium glutamate, soy sauce.

Practice: 1, chopped green onions for spare.

Add the right amount of boiling water to the boiling pot and set aside.

2. Add soy sauce, salt, monosodium glutamate, sesame oil into the empty bowl, and pour into half a bowl of boiling water.

3. The remaining boiling water in the pot is used to cook the noodles. After cooking, it rises, strains the water, puts it in the noodle soup prepared in the previous step, and sprinkles it with green onions.

Tips for deliciousness: To make the noodles more chewy, one way is to soak the cold noodles in the step of cooking and filtering the noodles before filtering.

The noodles made in this way are very chewy.

Second, fried sauce noodles material: 1 bag of soy sauce, half bag of sweet noodle sauce (the remaining half bag can be used for Chinese salad, dipped in radish, lettuce), 2 eggs, fat and diced meat (peeled pork belly cut into half cm squareD) 100g, the longer the variety of vegetables, the better the cucumber and bean sprouts are indispensable. Other Chinese cabbage hearts, green beans, dried tofu, and beans are ready to be prepared.

There are also shallots and ground ginger.

Method: 1. Break in eggs, add 1 tablespoon of starch (eggs will be tender) and 1 tsp of cooking wine (without egg custard) and salt. After the oil is hot, put it in the pot, use chopsticks to stir quickly in the pot, and the eggs will turn yellow.The Sheng came out for use.

2. Put less oil in the pan. After the oil is hot, stir-fry the pork belly with medium heat until the lard comes out, add a little cooking wine to fishy, add some raw soy sauce, and then serve the meat.

3. Keep the lard in the pot. Mix the soybean paste and noodle sauce with a bowl and stir the sauce over medium heat to make the sauce fragrant.

4. The sauce is fragrant. Pour in diced meat and eggs, ginger (cut in fine), turn to low heat, slowly boil, and stir from time to time, without adding salt and sugar, the sauce has its own salty sweet tasteIf you feel it is dry, add a little water, and mumble it for 10 minutes. The sauce and diced meat are delicious.

5. At this time, you can prepare vegetable codes, cucumbers, radishes, and so on. After soaking in cold water, drain the water. This way, the vegetable shreds are crispy. You can add some lettuce and cabbage to the western style.

6, bean sprouts, lentils (shred), soy beans, green beans, etc. After boiling water, cut off the raw water, soak in cold water.

7. The sauce is gurgling, watch the dried juices are collected, add the green onions off the fire, and use the extra temperature to cook the green onions, and the sauce will be good.

8, good fried noodles are hand-rolled noodles, you can make it yourself or buy it.

Thicker is more delicious.

When cooking noodles, use more water and add a little salt so that the noodles will not stick together.

The noodles can’t be cooked too bad, just 3 times of water is enough.

It’s delicious when biting.

Cook the noodles and rinse off the batter with cold water.

The noodles will become smooth and delicious.

Mix two spoons of fried sauce in a bowl of noodles and add various dishes.

That’s called a joss stick.

Put all the seasonings in a bowl and add garlic water. If you like garlic flavor, you can add some minced garlic together, pay attention!



The vinegar and sesame sauce must be less like this. The purpose of vinegar is not to make people taste vinegar, or even to enrich a layer of flavor. The sesame sauce is only to make the sauce better hang on the noodle.

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