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Osmanthus fish is a specialty of Guangxi, and is loved by people because of its delicious meat.

People in Guangxi have many ways to eat sweet-scented osmanthus fish. They will use endless osmanthus fish to make peppers.

Steamed osmanthus is a very good choice for live osmanthus. There are many ways to make steamed osmanthus. Each one can inspire the unique flavor of osmanthus. Let’s take a look at the specific methods.

First, steamed mandarin fish material: one mandarin fish (about 500 grams), one dried red pepper (preferably fresh red pepper), ginger, spring onion, cooking wine, salt, steamed fish stew oil, vegetable oil.

Practice 1.

The mandarin fish is cleaned after descaling and removing the internal organs. Dry it with water. Use two tablespoons of cooking wine and some salt on the surface of the fish. Marinate for ten minutes. Peel the ginger and cut the thick silk.Steam the steamer for ten minutes on the high heat (after the water has been added, start counting!



When fish is cut, shred a spring onion, soak the cut spring onion in ice water for a while, the taste will be better, the appearance will roll up, and it will look better.

Dried red pepper seeds and shreds for later use.


After that, part of the soup is dropped.

The soup can be used for soup, don’t throw it away.

Put the shallots and red peppers on the fish and top with steamed fish stew.


Pour the vegetable oil into the pot and heat it, then drizzle on the fish.

Second, steamed mandarin fish materials: a mandarin fish (about 750 grams), 3 slices of cooked ham (25 grams), 6 slices of cooked bamboo shoots (60 grams), 3 large mushrooms, 2 ginger slices

5 grams, one scallion.

Seasoning: refined salt 2.

5 grams, MSG 1.

5 grams, 25 grams of wine, 10 grams of cooked chicken oil.

Method 1. Wash and cut the mandarin fish and lay it flat on the bottom plate.

Use a knife to dissect from head to tail, and then make a knife every 25 cm oblique slice in the tail of the fish to the bone.

2. Take a large loin plate, add mandarin fish, add Shao wine, ginger slices, spring onions, and cooked ham slices, and steam for 15 minutes.

Pick out the onion knots, ginger slices, and pour the raw juice into a small bowl.

3. Mushrooms and bamboo shoots are cooked in boiling water. Three bamboo shoots are placed on each side of the fish body. The ham and bamboo shoots are separated from each other. The mushrooms are covered on the bamboo shoots.

4. Pour the raw juice into a wok, add consomme, MSG, refined salt and cooked chicken oil to boil, and serve on the fish.

Third, the main ingredients of steamed tunny fish: 1 tunny fish, shredded ginger, spring onions, cooking wine, soy bean oil, oil consumption, sesame oil.

Method 1: open the belly to fish gills, intestines, liver, stomach, lungs, wash, and draw a few lines on the body; 2, then code the wine with cooking wine, tempeh oil, put ginger, scallion white on the cut wellFish in a plate.

3. Pickle in the refrigerator for 30 minutes.

4. Heat the steamer over the water and steam for 25 minutes to bring it out of the pot. Drizzle with sesame oil and oyster sauce and sprinkle with spring onion.

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